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Release and Agreement

If you are selected to participate in the techsprint, you will have to sign a Release and Agreement before being eligible to participate. This Release among other things, will include, but not be limited to:

  • A photo release
  • Your agreement to comply with all rules of the techsprint
  • Your acknowledgement that you will not use any proprietary or confidential information in connection with the techsprint
  • Your acknowledgement that you will not have any exclusive rights to the ideas or information that result from the techsprint
  • Your agreement that you will not share any confidential or proprietary information from the techsprint with anyone who is not a techsprint participant
  • Your agreement that all disputes regarding the techsprint will be decided by the Department of Financial Services
  • Your agreement to release and hold harmless DFS, CSBS and AIR from all liabilities related to the techsprint
  • Your agreement that all disputes will be resolved under the laws of the State of New York
  • Your agreement that all documents submitted for the techsprint are the property of DFS
  • Your agreement that participation in the techsprint will not be part of a vendor selection process nor will participation in the techsprint result in the award of a contract for services
  • Your understanding that This is NOT a Request for Proposal, Invitation for Bid, nor a Solicitation. Any information received from the techsprint will be treated as information only for purposes of the techsprint
  • Your understanding that DFS will not be liable for any costs of work performed (i) in the preparation and production of any response, or (ii) in participating in a techsprint. All Techsprint Participant Interest Form responses shall become the property of the DFS.
  • Your understanding that since participation in a techsprint is designed as a tool to collect information and will not result in a procurement contract, it does not fall under the requirements of State Finance Law §§139-j and 139-k (the Procurement Lobbying Law) and there is no restricted period.
  • Your understanding that any information submitted during the techsprint may be subject to disclosure in accordance with the Freedom of Information Law or other applicable state and federal laws.