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Press Releases

Release Date
2017-11-29 DFS Continues Innovative Regulatory Actions to Support New York State-Chartered Financial Institutions
2017-11-28 DFS Fines Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London, Clements & Company and United Nations Federal Credit Union $1.47 Million for Underwriting and Selling Unlicensed Life Insurance to U.N. Employees
2017-11-28 DFS Grants Virtual Currency License to Bitflyer USA, Inc.
2017-11-27 Governor Cuomo Announces New Consumer Protections for Life Insurance Sales
2017-11-20 DFS Authorizes Expansion Of New York State-Chartered Bank System
2017-11-14 DFS Superintendent Vullo Announces $2 Million Fine Against Cigna for Violations of New York Insurance Law
2017-11-13 DFS Fines Credit Suisse AG $135 Million for Unlawful, Unsafe and Unsound Conduct in its Foreign Exchange Trading Business
2017-10-30 DFS Superintendent Vullo Announces Next Phase of Expanded Participation in State-Based NMLS Platform, Enhancing State Regulation of the Financial Services Industry
2017-10-19 DFS Takes Action to Expand Financial Services for Low-Income New Yorkers
2017-10-17 DFS Announces Final Regulations to Combat Unscrupulous Practices in the Title Insurance Industry
2017-10-12 Governor Cuomo Details State Actions to Combat the Fentanyl Crisis on Staten Island
2017-10-10 DFS Announces New Regulation to Strengthen New York No-Fault Insurance Law
2017-10-04 Governor Cuomo Announces Additional New York State Actions to Support Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands Following Recent Hurricanes
2017-09-28 Governor Cuomo Announces Aggressive New Actions to Combat the Fentanyl Crisis
2017-09-26 Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo Announces the Approval of a New Banking Development District in Oneida County to Preserve Access to Services for Businesses and Residents in a Tourism-Based Economy
2017-09-25 DFS Announces Settlement With Payday Debt Collector and Payday Loan Servicer Resulting in Nearly $12 Million of Loan Forgiveness for Thousands of New York Consumers
2017-09-21 DFS Takes Action to Ensure Infants and Toddlers With Disabilities Receive Benefits for New York’s Early Intervention Program
2017-09-20 DFS Launches Education Initiative on Vacant and Abandoned Property Law and Reminds Banks and Mortgage Servicers of Their Obligation to Maintain “Zombie Properties”
2017-09-19 DFS Issues Final Regulation to Protect New Yorkers from Unjustified Life Insurance Premium Increases
2017-09-18 DFS Urges Financial Institutions to Take Immediate Steps to Protect Sensitive Consumer Data in Light of Equifax Cyberattack
2017-09-18 Governor Cuomo Announces New Actions to Protect New Yorkers" Personal Information in Wake of Equifax Security Breach
2017-09-07 DFS Fines Habib Bank and Its New York Branch $225 Million for Failure to Comply With Laws and Regulations Designed to Combat Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Other Illicit Financial Transactions
2017-09-06 Governor Cuomo Announces New Initiatives to Combat Addiction Across New York State
2017-08-29 Department Issues Guidance to Address Unscrupulous Activity in the Bail Bond Industry
2017-08-28 DFS Cybersecurity Regulation Compliance Requirements Are Effective Today
2017-08-22 DFS Fines MVP Companies $200,000 for Improperly Denying Health Insurance Claims and Charging Co-Pays and Deductibles for Preventative Services
2017-08-16 Governor Cuomo Takes Decisive Action to Ensure Insurance Coverage for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals
2017-08-15 DFS Announces 2018 Health Insurance Rates in a Continued Robust New York Market
2017-08-10 Veterans United Home Loans to Pay $604,000 in Restitution to New York Consumers and Fine to DFS
2017-08-02 Governor Cuomo Launches First-Ever New York State Council on Women and Girls
2017-07-31 DFS Continues Innovative Regulatory Initiatives with the Launch of New Online Cybersecurity Portal for Businesses Seeking to Report Cybersecurity Events in New York
2017-07-27 Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo Reminds Insurers of Obligation to Resolve Flood Claims Quickly and Fairly
2017-07-26 DFS Superintendent Vullo Urges Insurers to Promote Green Practices to Protect the Environment
2017-07-19 Governor Cuomo Announces Regulations Implementing New York's Nation-Leading Paid Family Leave Program
2017-07-13 Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo Announces the Approval of New Banking Development Districts in the Bronx and Brooklyn to Expand Access to Financial Services to Underserved New York Communities
2017-07-06 DFS Launches Online Re-Licensing for Agents and Brokers Seeking to Return to Insurance Business in New York
2017-07-04 Governor Cuomo Deploys Department of Financial Services to Oneida and Rensselaer Counties to Assist Residents with Flood Insurance Claims
2017-06-29 DFS Superintendent Vullo Announces July 1st Launch of Expanded Participation in State-Based NMLS Platform, Enhancing State Regulation of the Financial Services Industry
2017-06-28 DFS Issues Guidance on Credit Unions' Use of Temporary Facilities
2017-06-28 Media Advisory - Today: DFS Superintendent Vullo Hosts Panel on the Repercussions of Washington's Health Care Plans for New York State