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Press Releases

Release Date
2018-05-14 DFS Authorizes Gemini Trust Company to Provide Additional Virtual Currency Products and Services
2018-05-07 DFS Fines Chubb Subsidiary Illinois Union Insurance Company $1.3 Million for Underwriting NRA-Branded “Carry Guard” Insurance Program in Violation of New York Insurance Law
2018-05-03 Department Of Financial Services Levies $6.3 Million Civil Penalty Against William Penn for Improper Reinsurance Transactions
2018-05-02 DFS Fines Lockton Companies $7 Million for Underwriting NRA-Branded “Carry Guard” Insurance Program in Violation of New York Insurance Law
2018-05-01 DFS Fines Goldman Sachs $54.75 Million for Unsafe and Unsound Conduct in its Foreign Exchange Trading Business
2018-04-27 DFS Issues Updated Proposed Life Insurance and Annuity Suitability Regulation Requiring a Best Interest Standard to Protect Consumers from Conflicted Advice
2018-04-25 DFS Superintendent Vullo Announces Next Phase of New York’s Expanded Participation in State-Based NMLS Platform, Enhancing State Regulation of the Financial Services Industry
2018-04-24 Superintendent Vullo Issues Updated Disaster Response and Recovery Plan Requirements for Insurers
2018-04-18 Governor Cuomo Directs Department of Financial Services to Urge Companies to Weigh Reputational Risk of Business Ties to the NRA and Similar Organizations
2018-04-16 Superintendent Vullo Issues Consumer Alert Regarding Rent-To-Own and Land Installment Contracts
2018-04-12 Governor Cuomo Directs DFS to Issue Guidance and Take Action to Protect Passengers and Drivers on New York Roadways
2018-04-11 DFS Fines Nationstar Mortgage LLC $5 Million for Violations of New York Banking Law
2018-04-10 DFS to Co-Host Fintech Forum with Conference of State Banking Supervisors
2018-04-09 DFS Reminds Regulated Entities of Anti-Terrorism Transaction Monitoring Regulation Certification Deadline
2018-04-04 DFS Approves New Entrant To New York Insurance Market
2018-03-29 DFS Authorizes Expansion of New York State-Chartered Bank
2018-03-22 DFS Announces New Agreement with Fourth Major Insurer to Protect New York Drivers from Unfairly Discriminatory Auto Insurance Rates
2018-03-15 DFS Fines QBE Insurance $750,000 for Issuing Impermissible Insurance Covering Students Enrolled in Institutions of Higher Education
2018-03-13 DFS Announces New Agreement with GEICO to Protect New York Drivers from Unfairly Discriminatory Auto Insurance Rates
2018-03-08 Department of Financial Services and The Bank of Israel Sign Memorandum of Understanding
2018-03-01 Governor Cuomo Announces Actions to Improve Access to IVF and Fertility Preservation Services
2018-02-20 Governor Cuomo Takes Action to Help Local Governments Improve Health Insurance Options and Address Rising Health Costs
2018-02-13 DFS Grants Charter to Equiniti Trust Company
2018-02-07 DFS Takes Action to Deter Fraud and Manipulation in Virtual Currency Markets
2018-02-05 Governor Cuomo Announces 30-Day Budget Amendment to Help Combat the Fentanyl Crisis in New York State
2018-01-29 DFS Issues Order Regarding Interest on Escrow Account to Make State-Chartered Financial Institutions Competitive with Their Federal Counterparts
2018-01-26 New York State Reminds New Yorkers to Protect Themselves from Cyber Crime in Recognition of Data Privacy Day
2018-01-25 Governor Cuomo Signs Executive Order to Combat Widespread Flu Epidemic in New York
2018-01-25 Governor Cuomo Announces Efforts to Combat Maternal Depression and Prevent Maternal Mortality
2018-01-24 Governor Cuomo Announces New York Power Recovery Contingent Has Restored Nearly 240,000 Customers in the San Juan Metro Area of Puerto Rico
2018-01-23 DFS Approves Reinsurance Partnership with Security Mutual Life and Grants New License to Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of New York
2018-01-22 DFS Superintendent Vullo Issues Cybersecurity Filing Deadline Reminder
2018-01-04 DFS Fines Western Union $60 Million for Violations of New York’s Anti-Money Laundering Laws and for Ignoring Suspicious Transactions to Locations in China
2017-12-18 Governor Cuomo Unveils 6th Proposal of the 2018 State of the State: Continue to Reduce the Local Property Tax Burden by Making the State's County Shared Services Panels Permanent
2017-12-14 DFS Fines PHH Mortgage $119,000 for Violation of Vacant and Abandoned Property Law and Reminds Banks and Mortgage Servicers of Their Obligations to Maintain “Zombie” Properties
2017-12-13 DFS Announces Final Regulation and Agreements with Two Major Insurers to Protect New York Drivers from Unfairly Discriminatory Auto Insurance Rates
2017-12-12 DFS Superintendent Vullo Announces Formation of New State Insurance Advisory Board
2017-12-01 On World AIDS Day, Governor Cuomo Announces New HIV Diagnoses Fall to Record Low and New Actions to Prevent Discrimination and Ensure Insurance Coverage of HIV-Prevention Medication Prep
2017-12-01 Governor Cuomo Directs State Resources to Assist the City of Cohoes After Massive Fire
2017-11-29 DFS Continues Innovative Regulatory Actions to Support New York State-Chartered Financial Institutions