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Press Releases

Release Date
2021-07-22 DFS Approves Hudson River Community Credit Union to Acquire Norton-Troy Employee Credit Union
2021-07-15 Governor Cuomo Announces $86.2 Million In Settlements With 4 Utilities for Failures Related To Power Outages and Emergency Response Including Tropical Storm Isaias
2021-07-14 The Ulster County Fire Investigation Unit and the New York State Department of Financial Services’ Criminal Investigation Unit announce the arrest of Yevganiy Ilyayev for Insurance Fraud in the second degree following a year-long criminal investigation.
2021-07-08 Governor Cuomo Announces $4.5 Billion Settlement with Purdue Pharma Over Its Role In The Opioid Epidemic
2021-07-07 DFS Superintendent Lacewell Announces Tri-State Consumer Insurance Company to Pay $500,000 for Compliance Failures
2021-06-30 Superintendent Lacewell Announces DFS Issues New Guidance on Ransomware Prevention
2021-06-30 Superintendent Lacewell Announces DFS Approves New Bank Branch
2021-06-29 NYS office of mental health and department of financial services announce NY insurance carriers Complying with State Requirements To Provide Coverage For All Gender-Affirming Treatments
2021-06-29 DFS Superintendent Lacewell Announces Settlements with Two Upstate Banks to Resolve Fair Lending Violations
2021-06-14 Superintendent Lacewell Calls for Disclosure of Climate-Related Financial Risks by Publicly Traded Companies
2021-06-10 Superintendent Lacewell Announces New DFS Report on New York Domestic Insurers’ Exposure to Financial Risks Arising from the Low-Carbon Transition
2021-05-27 DFS Approves New York State-Chartered Hanover Community Bank’s Acquisition of Savoy Bank
2021-05-25 During Mental Health Awareness Month, Superintendent Lacewell Announces “Mental Health Matters”: Consumer Protection Initiatives for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Parity in Insurance Coverage
2021-05-13 DFS Investigation Uncovers First Unum Life Insurance Company of America and Paul Revere Life Insurance Company

Failed to Implement Multi-Factor Authentication, Falling Victim to Two Phishing Attacks that Exposed Consumers’ Personal and Private Data

2021-05-13 Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Protecting New Yorkers' COVID-19 Stimulus Payment from Debt Collectors
2021-04-30 Superintendent of Financial Services Announces Resolution of Lawsuit Of Health Republic In Liquidation Against Federal Government
2021-04-29 DFS Announces Grant of Trust Charter to Standard Custody and Trust Company to Engage in New York’s Growing Virtual Currency Market
2021-04-29 Superintendent Lacewell Announces DFS Approves New Bank Branch
2021-04-27 DFS Issues Report On the SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack
2021-04-14 DFS Superintendent Lacewell Announces Cybersecurity Settlement With Licensed Insurance Company
2021-04-13 Superintendent Lacewell Announces New DFS’ Statewide Office of Financial Inclusion And Empowerment
2021-04-07 Governor Cuomo Directs DFS To Extend Regulation Requiring Health Insurers to Waive Co-Pays for COVID-19 Vaccine Until April 30
2021-03-25 Superintendent Lacewell Announces DFS Approves New Bank Branch
2021-03-25 Superintendent Lacewell Announces Proposed DFS Guidance to New York Insurers On Managing the Financial Risks from Climate Change
2021-03-24 Superintendent Linda A. Lacewell Approves New Banking Development District In the East Harlem Neighborhood In Manhattan
2021-03-23 DFS Issues Findings on the Apple Card and Its Underwriter Goldman Sachs Bank
2021-03-16 Superintendent Lacewell Announces New DFS Actions to Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Insurance Industry
2021-03-15 Governor Cuomo Announces New Guidance From the Department of Financial Services for the Fair and Prompt Payment of Health Insurance Claims
2021-03-12 DFS Announces Winners of Techsprint on Digital Regulatory Reporting in Cryptocurrency
2021-03-11 Superintendent Lacewell Announces DFS Grants Virtual Currency and Money Transmitter Licenses to Bakkt Marketplace, LLC
2021-03-09 Department of Financial Services Issues Cybersecurity Alert to Regulated Entities Concerning Microsoft Exchange Email Servers
2021-03-09 New York State Department of Financial Services Sends Letter on Behalf Of Multi-State Coalition of Regulators, Inviting U.S. Secretary Of Education to Join them in Protecting Student Loan Borrowers
2021-03-04 Superintendent Lacewell Announces Grant of DFS Trust Charter to BitGo to Engage In New York’s Growing Virtual Currency Market
2021-03-03 Department of Financial Services Announces Cybersecurity Settlement With Mortgage Lender
2021-03-02 DFS Superintendent Lacewell Announces New York Life Insurance & Annuity Corporation to Pay $10.9 Million For Deferred to Immediate Annuity Replacement Violations
2021-02-24 DFS Approves HealthNow New York Inc.’s Affiliation with Highmark Subject to Conditions to Protect New Yorkers
2021-02-23 Governor Cuomo Announces New Directive Requiring Insurers to Cover Infertility Services for New Yorkers Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity
2021-02-18 Governor Cuomo Accepts Report from DFS on Facebook Investigation
2021-02-18 Superintendent Lacewell Announces DFS Approves New Bank Branch
2021-02-17 Governor Cuomo Announces Open Enrollment for New Yorkers Is Extended to May 15 as Federal Marketplace Reopens for Millions of Americans