Maximum Reserve Valuation and Maximum Life Policy Nonforfeiture Interest Rates

Updated August 27, 2018

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The maximum reserve valuation and nonforfeiture interest rates, prescribed by Sections 4217 and 4221(k) of the New York Insurance Law, are specified in "Table A through Table H Rates" noted below. Such rates vary from year to year based on Moody’s corporate bond yield averages for 12 and 36 months ending on June 30, and weighting factors prescribed by Section 4217. The Moody’s averages are provided for years 1981 to present in the attached Appendix.

Clarification on Fixed Annuity Reserves Interest Rates

We note that there has been some concern over the appropriate maximum valuation interest rate for flexible premium deferred annuities (FPDA). Section 4217(c)(4)(D)(iii) of the New York Insurance Law does not allow the use of the additional .05 weighting factor for annuities that guarantee interest rates on future considerations received more than twelve months beyond the valuation date. Accordingly, for flexible premium deferred annuities the weighting factors shown in Section 4217(c)(4)(D)(iii)(I) or 4217(c)(4)(D)(iii)(II) should be used. For convenience, maximum valuation interest rates for such FPDAs are shown in Table D (issue year basis) and Table G (change in fund basis). The rates shown in Table E and Table H are not appropriate for FPDAs.

Updated 08/27/2018