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Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

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Note: Each question is followed by an answer bullet.

How old do I have to be to apply for an insurance license?

How do I renew a license?

What is the status of my license application?

How do I obtain a hard copy of my license?

How do I reinstate my expired license?

I do not remember the Continuing Education courses I previously took. Can you tell me?

How do I apply for an individual or individual with a trade name license?

How do I obtain my license number?

What does it mean if my agent license is in inactive status?

How do I obtain name approval for my entity?

When can I renew my license?

Do I have to take the pre-licensing course? Am I exempt?

Do I need to obtain a license?

How many hours do I need for pre-licensing?

Where do I go for pre-licensing courses?

How do I register & take the license examination?

When is Continuing Education (CE) Required?

How many Continuing Education credits are required?

Can an individual renew their license after the renewal date?

Can I renew multiple licenses online at once?

Do I have to be fingerprinted to obtain a resident license?

Who is a producer?

What is the difference between an agent and a broker?

What exam do I need to take if I hold a CPCU Designation?

Other states have gone to a single Producer license, allowing the licensee to operate as either an Agent or Broker. Is this the same for New York?

What does "home state" mean?

What is the difference between a resident versus a non-resident?

Do I need an appointment to get an original agent's license?

What are the reporting requirements and what will happen if a Producer fails to comply?

What is the late fee?

How do I switch my license from an agent license to a broker license or vice versa?

Can I have both an agent and broker license?

When is a letter of clearance required and how do I obtain one?

Can I renew or reinstate my license without completing all of my CE credits?

Can I renew my Broker and my Excess Lines at the same time?

I have a Surplus Lines license in my Resident state, but I'm only able to apply for Excess Lines in New York. What's the difference between Surplus Lines and Excess Lines?

What are the prerequisites needed to obtain an Excess Lines License?

I have a non-resident Excess Line Broker license in New York. Can I renew this license on NIPR?

When is a bond required for an Excess Lines Broker license?

How does an entity qualify for an Excess Line Broker license in New York?

If I am applying for Life & Health license can I also get Variable?

When does my individual license expire?

How do I switch my nonresident license to a New York resident license?

How do I add a line of authority to my license?

How do I change the name on my license?

Who is authorized to sell Long Term Care insurance in New York?

In what name can I solicit, sell, consult or negotiate business?

What does sublicensee mean?

Do sublicensees need to hold an individual license?

We are an entity and our license expired. Can we reinstate the license online?

Is there any situation in which an unlicensed entity or individual may handle premiums or receive commissions?

What is a temporary Producer license?

How does a business entity become licensed to sell insurance in New York?

Updated 04/30/2015

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