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Producer Continuing Education - Frequently Asked Questions

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Note: Each question is followed by an answer bullet.

Which courses must I take to satisfy my Continuing Education requirements?

How do I know if a course has been approved by the Department?

Are there any Providers, Courses or Monitors in my area? When will courses be offered?

Updated! Are there any exemptions from Continuing Education requirements?

Can the credits earned for the successful completion of a course be applied to more than one license?

Are there courses approved to be applicable to all classes of licenses? Can I take these courses and use their credits to renew my Life Agent or Life Broker license as well as my Property/Casualty Agent or Broker license?

Will I get credit for a CE course I took in a previous licensing period?

How would I recognize a CE course that I took previously?

I completed an approved course 4 1/2 years ago. Can I use these credits toward my next license renewal?

If I take more than 15 CE credits in a license period, may I use the additional credits toward the next renewal of my license?

I completed a Designation course. Can’t I receive CE credit for successfully completing that course?

What happens if I try to renew my license before completing Continuing Education?

How does the Department know that I have completed the Continuing Education requirement?

I am a non-resident licensee. Does New York have Continuing Education reciprocity with my home state?

How do I satisfy New York’s Continuing Education requirement when renewing my non-resident license?

I completed my license renewal application on-line using information noted on the Course Completion Documents.  What do I do with these documents?

What penalties do I face if it is found that I have violated insurance statute by failing to comply with CE requirements?

My renewal application was completed by my employer’s compliance department or another third party. This application contained errors concerning my CE information. Do I bear the responsibility for the filing of this erroneous information?

Updated 12/12/2011

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