Supplement No. 2 to
Circular Letter No. 11 (2001)

Dated: April 9, 2002


All Property/Casualty Insurers Licensed to Do Business in the New York State


New York State Insurance Disaster Coalition

Circular Letter No. 11 (2001) indicated that in a subsequent communiqué, the New York Department of Insurance would issue an electronic template enabling insurers to provide catastrophe preparedness data annually to the Department, along with a copy of their disaster response plan. This supplement to that Circular Letter is the notification to all licensed insurers requesting compliance with the requests set forth below.

All licensed property/casualty insurers are requested to review their existing disaster response plans and business continuity plans in light of the events of September 11, 2001, to ensure that the plans are current and viable. Each insurer should incorporate the New York State Insurance Disaster Coalition procedures, as discussed in Circular Letter No. 11 (2001), into their own disaster response plan.

The New York State Insurance Disaster Coalition procedures and the Insurance Emergency Operations Center were, and continue to be, integral parts of the industry’s response to the World Trade Center Disaster. The completion of the electronic template and the submission of each insurer’s disaster response plan are needed to maintain the effectiveness and accuracy of information used by the Coalition for future disasters. The electronic template is not to be used in lieu of an insurer’s own disaster response plan. Rather, the requested information is to be included in each insurer’s own plan. Any substantive changes to the plan are to be reported to the Department on an annual basis prior to June 1st of each subsequent year.

The information submitted by each insurer in their disaster response plan and the questionnaire template will be afforded the same confidentiality and proprietary status as the information provided in response to Circular Letter No. 11 (2001).

The template and instructions for completing it, can be found on the Department Web site at:

Any questions concerning the instructions and completion of the template are to be directed to Vincent Mazzarella, Senior Insurance Examiner, Property Bureau, at the Department’s New York City address, or by telephone at (212) 480-5590 or by email at [email protected].

Questions concerning the NYS Insurance Disaster Coalition may be addressed to Paul Orkwis, Principal Insurance Examiner, Consumer Services Bureau, at the Department’s Albany address, or by telephone at (518) 474-9837 or by email at [email protected].

Each insurer should submit their disaster response plan and the electronic template to Mr. Orkwis within 60 days of the publication date of this supplement to Circular Letter No. 11 (2001). This will also serve as each insurer’s acknowledgement of this supplement. Insurers may submit their plan and completed template either electronically, by compact disk or diskette or by hard copy (if no electronic means are available).

Your cooperation in furnishing timely and accurate responses is essential to the success of the NYS Insurance Disaster Coalition and is appreciated by the Department and the people of New York State.

Very truly yours,

Gregory V. Serio
Superintendent of Insurance


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Readme Instructions for completing the report file.
Report Contains the template for entering responses to the Disaster Plan Questionnaire.

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