Circular Letter No. 26 (1999)

September 13, 1999


All Insurers and Self-Insurers


Revised Insurance Department Fraud Reporting Form (IFB-1 REV. 8/99)

Section 405 of the New York Insurance Law requires insurers and self-insurers to report to the Insurance Frauds Bureau all incidents of suspected insurance fraud on a form prescribed by the Superintendent. Effective immediately, the Superintendent has replaced the original Fraud Reporting Form (IFB-1) with Form IFB-1 REV. 8/99. The new Form is designed to elicit more specific information about suspected insurance fraud. The enhanced information will help to expedite the Frauds Bureau’s review process and ensure a prompt investigation of each report.

In addition to the information requested on Reporting Form IFB-1, the new Form seeks the following information:

  • Question 1 requests information on whether the current report has previously been submitted.
  • Question 2 lists types of loss and asks which type the report involves.
  • Question 3 requests the VIN and license plate number for reports involving auto insurance fraud or fraudulent identification cards.
  • Question 4 asks for the status of the claim involved (i.e., whether the claim has been paid), and the SIU number.
  • Questions 5 and 6 request no additional information. However, these questions are now presented in an easy-to-follow format.

Insurers are advised that Reporting Form IFB-1 REV. 8/99 is effective upon receipt of this Circular Letter. A copy of the new Form is attached.

Very truly yours,

Charles DeRienzo
Insurance Frauds Bureau