Circular Letter No. 32 (1998)

October 30, 1998


All Insurers Writing Private or Commercial Automobile, Workers Compensation, or Individual, Group or Blanket Accident and Health Insurance Policies, and every entity licensed pursuant to Article 44 of the Public Health Law


Effective Date for the Filing of Plans for the Detection, Investigation and Prevention of Fraudulent Insurance Activities

Chapter 2 of the Laws of 1998, which was signed by Governor Pataki on September 24, 1998, amends the effective date provision contained in Section 409 of the Insurance Law. Because the new effective date provision conflicts with the provisions of Regulation 95 (promulgated with an effective date of July 1, 1998) relating to the filing of insurance fraud prevention plans, all such plans filed with the Insurance Frauds Bureau prior to September 24, 1998 will be deemed to have been received on that date. The provisions of Regulation 95 concerning the processing of such plans by the Insurance Frauds Bureau will be determined from September 24, 1998. The 120 day period within which to file such plans will also be determined from September 24, 1998.

It is requested that the attached cover sheet (PDF file) be completed and returned with all fraud detection plans, to Principal Examiner Rolf Kaumann, NYS Insurance Frauds Bureau, 25 Beaver Street, Room 542, New York, NY 10004.

Very truly yours,

Charles D. DeRienzo
Insurance Frauds Bureau

To report suspected insurance fraud, call the NYS Insurance Department's Hotline at 888-FRAUD-NY