May 2, 1966


Circular Letter 12 (1966)



An analysis of the 1965 Premium Tax Statements filed under Section 122 of the Insurance Law reveals that in a number of cases the information provided has been insufficient to properly allocate fire premiums to the city, village, fire district or fire protection district in which the risks were located. Without this information this office is unable to distribute the tax money to the proper fire departments as required by statute.

Section 122.7 enumerates specific requirements insofar as record keeping is concerned. Section 122.9 provides that ". . .such licensee shall also file with the Superintendent a return in a form prescribed by the Superintendent showing such information as may be necessary for the proper distribution of such payments". The tax form requires that the fire premiums be allocated by city, village, fire district or fire protection district and this Department insists on strict compliance with reporting requirements.

Your attention is being called to these matters at this time so that you may accumulate the required information during the course of the year and avoid the necessity for an analysis of your entire transactions at the end of the year.

You are requested to acknowledge receipt of this letter.


Superintendent of Insurance