How to Report Insurance Fraud

What is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud is a crime. And far from being a victimless crime, insurance fraud victimizes every resident of New York State, costing consumers millions of dollars in the form of increased premiums and higher prices for goods and services. The exact cost of insurance fraud is difficult to estimate because much of it goes unreported.

Insurance Fraud takes many forms.

  • A driver and a body shop worker agree to inflate the auto damage claim and share the "profit."
  • A homeowner falsely claims that his home was burglarized and valuable items stolen.
  • A doctor bills an insurer for services that were not provided.
  • A driver stages a fake accident, and unscrupulous doctors and lawyers help "handle" associated medical claims and lawsuits.
  • A worker collects workers’ compensation benefits while employed.

Fraud vs. Consumer Complaints

Please do not confuse the crime of insurance fraud with a dispute that you may have with an insurance company, for example, delays in customer payment, monetary disputes, policy cancellations and nonrenewals. If you have a question, want to file a complaint against a financial institution or have an inquiry not involving fraud please Contact Us.

How To Report Suspected Insurance Fraud

If you suspect that insurance fraud has been committed, you should report it to the DFS right away. The matter will be kept confidential.