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Coronavirus: Mortgage and Foreclosure


Mortgage and Foreclosure Information Related to COVID-19

New York State and the federal government have passed laws or regulations to provide relief to homeowners who are unable to pay their mortgage due to COVID-19 or who are at risk of or in foreclosure.

This page provides information for New York residential mortgage borrowers about the relief available to them.  These webpages will be revised to reflect any changes. DFS also has FAQs for industry available.

The information here relates to both federally- and state-provided relief, and there are important differences between the two relief programs, so you should contact your servicer to discuss what specific relief options are available to you. New Yorkers can also contact organizations that offer free housing counseling and legal assistance. See the “Wondering where you can get help?” section below.

If your servicer has denied you relief, or you are having difficulty working with your servicer, you can file a complaint with the New York Department of Financial Services. The Department can help ensure that you receive whatever relief you are eligible for. If you file a complaint about a servicer that the Department does not regulate, the Department will refer the complaint to the appropriate government office, such as the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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