DFS answers questions and takes complaints about financial products

DFS can answer questions about financial products and services in New York. If you have a question, need help, or want to file a complaint against a financial institution or insurance company, contact us.


DFS staff speak on a variety of topics including student loans, foreclosure, banking, credit and debt, avoiding identity theft and other scams, and senior Issues, like long-term care insurance and elder financial exploitation.

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Covid Information for Consumers

Help and information for New Yorkers about the relief available to them

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Disaster and Flood Recovery Resources

Disaster and flood insurance information and storm recovery resources.

Educated and supported New Yorkers make good financial decisions
DFS recognizes that educated, supported and informed New Yorkers make the best financial decisions. Providing the following financial educational information is just one part of this effort.

Auto Insurance

What you need to know about shopping for auto insurance, filing insurance claims and obtaining a lien release on a paid-off car loan.

Bail Information

Bail is an amount of money, set by a court, that a defendant must pay to obtain their release from jail before trial.

Banking and Sending Money Safely

Learn about bank accounts, cashing checks, transmitting money safely, safely using an ATM, and more.

Credit and Debt

Learn more about credit cards, borrowing, dealing with debt collectors, and understanding your credit report and credit score...

Disaster and Flood Resources

Get the help you need following a disaster or flood...

Financial Planning Resources

Resources that can help you meet expenses, build wealth, and plan for retirement.

Health Insurance

Learn more about health insurance, your rights, how to manage surprise medical bills, comment on proposed insurance rate increases, and more.

Help for Homeowners and Tenants

Get help with a foreclosure, learn more about shopping for a mortgage and title insurance, report a vacant property, and more.

Holocaust Claims

The HCPO provides free assistance to Holocaust victims and their heirs, to recover assets lost, stolen, or sold under duress between 1933 and 1945.

Life Insurance

Learn more about life insurance, annuities, and what you need to know to understand your options and comparison shop.

Scams, Schemes, and Frauds

Learn how to recognize and report scams and suspected fraud and what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.

Small Businesses

Resources for small business owners, including the Healthy NY program, wage bond information, and other small business resources.

Student Protection

Learn about financing your education, loan forgiveness, deferment debt relief, and more.

Other Government Agencies Who Offer Help

Many New York State agencies offer free, unbiased information and assistance and access to interactive applications available to all New Yorkers. In addition to this Department, the following agencies offer help connecting to information, literacy materials, support and outside organizations that can help.

Statewide Office of Financial Inclusion and Empowerment (SOFIE)
SOFIE Moves New York's Economic Justice Efforts Forward
The Statewide Office of Financial Inclusion and Empowerment (SOFIE) strengthens the Department’s mission to protect and empower all New York consumers and advance economic justice.

PRINT A BROCHURE DFS publishes printable brochures on many financial subjects

DFS can provide translations and interpreters in many languages

Get Free Language Help

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