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Financing Your Education

Learn about the different types of aid that may be available to help you finance your education.

Repaying Your Student Loans

Learn more about how to choose a repayment plan, pay on time, avoid default, and get other assistance.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Learn more about the programs where you can have all or part of your student loan forgiven.

Deferment and Forbearance

If you are having trouble repaying your federal student loans, learn what options you have that may help you avoid default.

What if You Default?

Learn what happens when you default on a loan, what the consequences are, and what options you may have if you default.

Managing Your Money

Learn more about student-related tax credits and deductions, how your financial aid money is disbursed, how to shop for a bank account and a financial institution that is right for you, and how to avoid certain fees, such as overdraft fees.

Filing a Complaint

Learn how to file a complaint with the Student Protection Unit about a student-related financial product or service.

Resources for Colleges and Universities | About the Student Protection Unit | Consumer Alert: Student Debt Relief Companies

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