Insurance Help
For the seriously ill and their caregivers

Getting Started

There are some important first steps to take which will serve you well during doctors visits, calls to insurers and other situations you will face.

Ensure you have the following information and keep it readily available:

  • Current insurance identification cards.
  • Your health insurance policy.
  • Your current plan booklet(s) for all plans you are eligible for or enrolled in and identify which plan is your primary plan and which is your secondary plan.
  • A list of all ancillary plans you are enrolled in and eligible for and determine if you are eligible for ‘out of network’ benefits.
  • A copy of your employer’s policy regarding usage of sick days, vacation time and holiday leave.

It is also important to keep notes on all conversations regarding your health care and insurance including the date of the call, the information you were given and the name of the person with whom you spoke. It is recommended that you request written confirmation of authorization and benefit information and keep a separate folder with copies of all correspondence from physicians and insurance companies.

Health Care Proxy Form (HCPF)

A physician may provide you with a HCPF to complete. The HCPF is a form that appoints someone to make health care decisions if you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself. This form does not authorize the release of personal health information.

For more information about the HCPF, please visit this NYS Department of Health link.

1-866-NYINSHELP (1-866-694-6743)