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Using A Licensed Budget Planner

What is debt?

Debt is money that you have borrowed and still owe for goods and services you have purchased. You don’t have to go on a wild spending spree to create a debt crisis. Debt can arise from emergency situations outside of one’s control; but more often, a consistent pattern of spending even just a little more than you make, over time, can lead to an unsafe or unmanageable amount of debt. The key to gaining control of your debt is to first identify what is good debt and what is bad debt, and then pay off the bad debt.

Good debt vs. bad debt:

What can be done once debt becomes unmanageable?

What is a budget planner?

Who benefits from using a budget planner?

What services do budget planners provide and at what cost?

What to ask a budget planner about the services it offers:

What to ask a budget planner about your account:

When choosing a budget planner, consider the following:

A list of currently licensed budget planners can be found via our Who We Supervise search application.

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