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Service Contract Providers


Service Contract Provider Registration Instructions

Please provide the following:


If an Administrator is designated, attach an Administrator’s Acknowledgement of Obligations, as required in Question #8 of the Application, to your registration application.

Registration Fee

The Service Contract Provider registration fee is for two years – March 1 to February 28 of odd years.

The fee is $500 for a registration issued in the first year of the two-year licensing period and $250 for a registration issued in the second year. Check must be made payable to the Superintendent of Financial Services.

Child Support

Persons four (4) months in arrears in child support or who have failed to comply with a summons, subpoena, or warrant relating to paternity or child support proceeding may be subject to suspension of their business, professional, driver, and/or recreational licenses and permits including, but not limited to, licenses pursuant to §11-0713 of the Environmental Law. Intentional submission of false statements for the purposes of frustrating/defeating lawful enforcement of support obligations is punishable under §175.35 of the Penal Law. Complete and submit a Child Support Obligation Form if applicable, as required in Question #9.