Rate, Form, Territory, Classification and Rule Filing Instructions for Property/Casualty Filers

DFS provides documents and links via SERFF, to assist companies with the filing of rates, forms, territories, classifications and rules in the State of New York. Through the use of a two-tiered checklist system-Review standards checklists and compliance questionnaires guidelines are provided regarding state requirements and review standards that are applied during the file review.

Review Standards Checklists, Compliance Questionnaires, Forms and Optional "Speed to Market" Checklists forms linked on the following pages have been revised as of September 2018.


If you have questions regarding filing instructions, SERFF, Speed-To-Market procedures, completion of the review standards checklists or compliance questionnaires, please contact a DFS representative for the following areas:

Line of Business Name of Representative and E-mail address E-mail address Phone Number
Automobile Holford Marshall   (212) 480-5582
Liability Denise Chatman   (212) 480-5597
Property Daniel Sheridan   (212) 480-3885
Actuarial Anthony Yoder   (212) 480-5500