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Important Notices

Manual Revisions of the New York Auto Insurance Plan

The New York Automobile Insurance Plan (NYAIP) is the central mechanism established pursuant to Article 53 of the New York Insurance Law to provide auto liability and physical damage coverages to those insureds who are unable to obtain such auto insurance in the voluntary market. All insurers writing automobile insurance in New York State must participate in the NYAIP by providing such insurance.

The NYAIP operates pursuant to rules contained in its Plan of Operations. Amendments to these rules are made by the 22 member Governing Committee, subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Insurance, who may also direct amendments to the Plan of Operations. For the current NYAIP Manual and the latest Important Notices issued, please go to the NYAIP website. You should regularly check this site for updates to the NYAIP Manual.

Common Forms

Property/Casualty Rate, Rule, and Form Filings

The Department makes certain Property/Casualty rate and form filings available for public viewing online via the NAIC SERFF State Filing Access website. You may also obtain access to filings by submitting a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request to DFS.

Please note: It is possible a filing has been substantively or editorially updated by a subsequent filing.  You should search for the most recent version of the filing. The Department is not responsible for any errors in or omissions from the filings.

Filings may contain or incorporate material protected by U.S. or foreign copyright laws, and no person may reproduce, redistribute, or make commercial use of any such material in violation of those laws.