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Volume of Operations Report (VOOR)


Volume of Operations Report (VOOR)

Pursuant to §597 of the New York Banking Law, licensed mortgage bankers (Licensees) and registered mortgage brokers (Registrants) are required to file a Volume of Operations Report (VOOR) annually. In order to facilitate compliance with the filing requirements, the Department has developed the VOOR filing system, an online encrypted portal that allows licensees and registrants to gain access and electronically file the VOOR.

FILING PERIOD: 2019 VOOR - MAY 4, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2020.

Portal Applications and Accounts

To access the secured application, you must have a portal account. Select the Secure Portal button below to log into, or create, your portal account. (You may need to disable "pop-up" prevention software before using this application.) Instructions on creating an account (PDF)

VOOR Administrator:

All Regulated entities required to submit a VOOR pursuant to Section 597 must designate a VOOR Administrator responsible for creating the company's VOOR Administrator access account, designating sub-users, and submitting the completed report. The VOOR Administrator will also function as the primary VOOR contact with the Department. Designated Administrators must have sufficient authority to complete the VOOR affidavit and address compliance and VOOR related supervisory issues with the Department.

General Instructions - First Time VOOR Filers

  1. The designated Administrator must log into the portal in order to create an administrator account.
  2. A system generated email will be sent to the Administrator to confirm or reject access to the VOOR Reporting System.
  3. Once account access is confirmed/approved by the Department, the Administrator can designate sub-users to input VOOR data. Note: Only the Administrator can submit the VOOR once it is ready for electronic submission.


For VOOR related questions, contact the Department at (212) 709-3844 or (212) 709-3868.