Request for Password and User ID for DFS Foreclosure Database

NOTE - The Department’s Foreclosure Database consists of the Pre-Foreclosure Database (RPAPL 1306), the Vacant Property Registry (RPAPL 1310) and the 90-Day Quarterly Reports (3 NYCRR 422) and the same login credentials are to be used in order to gain access to all three. Please check internally to see whether login credentials have already been issued to your entity prior to submitting a request for new credentials, as the Department will issue only one set of login credentials per mortgagee.

All individuals seeking to submit the required filings must provide a cover letter, on company letterhead, containing the following:

  1. Legal name of the mortgagee and assumed (trade) names, if any, under which the individual or entity conducts business in New York State.
  2. Contact information, including the name, business address, telephone number and email address of the designated individual. for
    1. An account administrator;
    2. The primary regulatory contact person with authority to respond to general servicing and legislative inquiries;
    3. A loss Mitigation and servicing contact;
    4. A property preservation contact with the ability to respond to inquiries regarding vacant/abandoned properties;
    5. A primary person responsible for consumer complaints.
  3. The cover letter must be signed by a duly authorized officer or legal counsel of the mortgagee. In the case of an individual, the letter must be signed by the individual that owns the note.

You can initiate the request via email by forwarding an executed cover letter with all required documentation to [email protected]. However, the Department must have an original signature document on file from the respective mortgagee. Original documents should be sent to the following address:

Vincent Anyamene
Assistant Deputy Superintendent
New York State Department of Financial Services
One State Street
New York, NY 10004-1511

Once the request has been processed, the User ID and password will be transmitted to the account administrator via postal mail.

For additional information regarding foreclosure database User ID and password please contact [email protected].