Fingerprinting: Mortgage Bankers, Brokers and Servicers

Pursuant to New York Banking Law Article 12-D and Parts 410 and 418 of the Superintendent's Regulations, applicants for Mortgage Banker licenses and Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Loan Servicer registrations are required to submit their fingerprints for the purpose of a Criminal Background Check (CBC). This includes the three most senior executive officers, direct or indirect owners having an ownership interest of 10% or more, Directors and Qualifiers.

Effective October 1, 2010, the Department of Financial Services uses Morpho Trust USA to provide fingerprint processing services for these applications. Under this program, all individuals required to submit fingerprints for a criminal background check will be able to utilize Live Scan sites in New York State to have their fingerprints taken electronically. This is the preferred method of transmitting fingerprints to the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for processing. Results are then electronically transmitted to the Department. This process reduces errors and delays that can occur with traditional rolled fingerprints submitted on cards.

At this time, only New York State sites can be used, as this program operates under contractual agreements between DCJS and Morpho Trust USA. For those who cannot access a New York State Morpho Trust USA site, a hard copy fingerprint card must be filed with the DFS. Rolled card processing may be more costly to the applicant, may cause delays in processing the applications and should only be used when necessary.

Outlined below are instructions for securing and submitting electronic fingerprint scans (Live-Scan) and Rolled Fingerprint cards to the Department:

Fingerprinting at Morpho Trust USA Sites

Schedule an appointment for fingerprinting by going to the Morpho Trust USA website. Appointment scheduling via the website is available 24 hours, every day of the year.

When making the appointment, you will be asked to provide the Department Service Code applicable to the application type.

The Service Codes and license type for fingerprinting are listed below:

Service Code License Type
15433B Mortgage Banker
15434V Mortgage Broker
15436S Mortgage Loan Servicer


A fingerprinting fee of $99 for each individual is payable to Morpho Trust USA at the time of fingerprinting.  Payment options include personal or business check, certified check, bank check, money order, and credit card.

At the fingerprinting location, the identification documents will be reviewed, fingerprints will be rolled and a photo will be taken.


You will be provided two receipts indicating the name, site location, date and time, fee paid and reason for fingerprinting. You must provide one receipt to the DFS with your application as proof of fingerprinting. You should retain the other copy for his/her records.

FBI Privacy Act Statement

Every individual submitting fingerprints for processing using Live Scan must review and acknowledge receipt of the FBI Privacy Act Statement, Noncriminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights and Applicant Notification and Acknowledgement-NYDFS Privacy Act Statement.   Once you have completed your review of the document, sign and date the acknowledgement section of the NYDFS Privacy Act Statement and return it to the Department with your Live Scan receipt.


If fingerprints do not scan properly, Morpho Trust USA will contact the you and advise that you must schedule an appointment for rescanning. There is no cost for rescanning services.

Instructions for submitting Rolled Fingerprint Cards to the DFS

Note: This method is ONLY to be used when it is not possible for an individual to go to an Morpho Trust USA Live Scan site in New York State.

Any costs for taking the fingerprints are your responsibility. These costs are in addition to the fees payable to Morpho Trust USA (as noted below) and the NMLS.

Requesting Cards

You must obtain hard copy fingerprint cards from the Department of Financial Services. Requests for fingerprint cards should be sent via email to [email protected]

The email must include:

  • The applicable Service Code;
  • The reason for requesting the cards (application type);
  • The number of cards requested (note that two cards per person are required);
  • The name and address of the person to whom they should be sent; and
  • A telephone number to call if we need to contact you.

The information on the fingerprint cards must be completed (see Fingerprint Card Instructions). The fingerprints may only be taken by a law enforcement or government agency. The individual must obtain a receipt with information verifying the source of the finger printer. The Fingerprint Certification Form must be completed at the time the fingerprints are taken.


Control Persons and Qualifiers using fingerprint cards must complete the pre-enrollment and pre-payment process via MorphoTrust USA website. You will be asked to provide the Department Service Code for the license you are seeking to obtain.

Once you enter the Service Code and press GO, you will be directed to a screen that has the selected service code followed by - New York Dept of Financial Svc – Mortgage Div – and the name of the license type associated with the service code you selected. Please review your selection before proceeding to ensure that you are being fingerprinted for the correct license.  Next, Select Submit a Fingerprint Card by Mail

Provide the required information and follow the prompts to pay the fingerprinting fee of $99.00.

The following must submitted directly to the Department of Financial Services as part of your Jurisdiction Specific Requirements: