Life Bureau/Health Bureau Filing Guidance Note

Guidance Date: 03/29/2022

Filing Guidance for Policy Forms Referencing MIB, Inc.

MIB, LLC has reorganized and is requesting that its member companies update all references from MIB, Inc. to MIB, LLC.

Member companies may change references from MIB, Inc. to MIB, LLC in their previously approved policy forms without submitting the policy forms to the Department for review and approval, provided that the member companies submit an informational filing to the Department in accordance with the following:  

(1) the first line of the SERFF Filing Description should state “MIB CHANGE”;

(2) the submission should identify, by form number, Department file number and approval date, the policy forms that will be revised to make the change;

(3) the SERFF Filing Description should confirm that this is the only change being made to the policy forms; and

(4) the SERFF Filing Description should confirm that upon the next revision of the policy forms submitted for approval the updated references will be incorporated into the policy forms. 

Submissions should be made to the Life Bureau and/or the Health Bureau, as applicable, via SERFF in accordance with policy form submission requirements.  

Submissions should use the following:

                                                            Life Bureau                 Health Bureau

SERFF Type of Insurance (TOI)       L08 Life – Other          H21 Health - Other

SERFF Filing Type                            Form                            Filed for Reference

SERFF Requested Filing Mode         Informational               Informational


Questions regarding this guidance should be directed to Julie Grasso for Life Bureau submissions and Christina Fernet for Health Bureau submissions.