Annual SIU Report

The Annual SIU Report is due by March 15 of each year.

Hard copies of the Annual SIU Report are not accepted. Data must be submitted via the Annual SIU Report application. The Annual SIU Report application can be found on the DFS Secure Portal.

    DFS Portal

    To access the Annual SIU Report application for the first time, your company must first designate a Trusted Source via the DFS Portal. The Trusted Source can, in turn, authorize other staff to have access to the application.

    To access the DFS Portal, you must have a portal account. Select the DFS Portal button below to log into, or create, your portal account or to designate a Trusted Source. (You may need to disable any "pop-up" prevention software you have running before using this application.)

    To get started please Log in to our secure Portal:

    Important Information Regarding Annual Submission

    1. The Annual SIU Report should contain data for New York business only and show data reflecting the previous calendar year's activity.
    2. Insurers should file the Annual SIU Report only if the insurer has an approved Fraud Prevention Plan on file with the Department and the insurer meets the 3,000 policies issued (in force) threshold for the following lines of business: Automobile, Workers" Compensation and Accident and Health. For insurers writing group Accident and Health business, insurers must report if 3,000 certificates are in force or membership is 3,000 or more. (60,000 for HMOs). Those insurers that meet this threshold must first file an Annual Fraud Prevention Plan with the Department in accordance with Section 409(a) of the New York Insurance Law.
    3. The due date of the report this year is March 15th. Failure to properly report could result in administrative actions and/or fines.
    4. Filers are not allowed to perform a "partial save" of the data. Once each filer accesses the blank form, the filer must complete all applicable fields and then electronically submit the form. Upon submission the filer will receive a Submission ID. Filers may exit prior to submission but no data will be retained.
    5. Previously filed Annual SIU Reports may not be edited but may be resubmitted which will result in a new Submission ID. No submissions or resubmissions are permitted after June 1.
    6. Do not include data from uninsured (ASO) business in the columns 1a - 2b of the grid. Separate questions below the grid pertain to ASO financial data. Include ASO business in the remaining columns (3a - 6b) of the grid.
    7. Groups that have both Property and Casualty (P&C) and Accident and Health (A&H) companies and meet the Section 409 threshold must file separate Annual SIU Reports for the P&C and A&H companies.
    8. Each insurer's Annual SIU Report submission must be electronically approved by the SIU Manager and by an Executive Officer.
    9. Each insurer must have a minimum of 2 accounts to complete, submit and sign off on the e-form. Each insurer must have a Trusted Source, a Reviewer - SIU Manager and a Reviewer - Executive. A reviewer may also be a Trusted Source. Insurers may create an additional "Submitter" account.
    10. Once the Trusted Source account is created, the Trusted Source should approve additional users.
    11. At sign-up for account creation, each individual must identify a "Lead Company." All individuals (Trusted Source, Reviewer and Submitter) from a given group must use the same company (insurer name, NAIC Number) as the Lead Company in order to be able to access the submission.
    12. The "Lead Company" is the insurer, selected by the filer, that serves as the common link among all users accessing the same submission. The Lead Company also provides the submitter of the Annual SIU Report with the option to include any and all affiliates in the filing via a dropdown list. If an insurer has no affiliates, then that insurer is the Lead Company.
    13. Prior to the input of data to the Annual SIU Report, each filer must select the company or companies to be included in the filing. Companies that are members of a holding company or group may file on behalf of the entire group via one filing or may make multiple filings. If a group wants to make multiple filings, then multiple Lead Companies must be selected. See Directions below for adding additional insurers to an existing account.
    14. After the report form has been completed, the form must be submitted to the Department and then signed off by the SIU Manager and, as stated in Regulation 95 Section 86.6(d), "by an executive officer of the insurer responsible for the operations of the Special Investigations Unit." The SIU Manager and the Executive Officer must log in to the Annual SIU Report via the portal to access the sign-off feature of the application; therefore both the SIU Manager and the Executive Officer must create portal accounts. Please note, as stated above, the SIU Manager and the Executive Officer must identify the exact same Lead Company at sign up.