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General Information for Insurance Companies

Temporary Independent Adjuster's Permit

To help expedite the payment of insurance claims for New Yorkers affected by Tropical Storm Isaias, The Department of Financial Services will issue Temporary Adjuster Permits to qualified out-of-state independent insurance adjusters.

The Governor has declared a state of emergency in the following counties: Bronx, Dutchess, Kings, Nassau, New York, Orange, Putnam, Queens, Richmond, Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester, as well as any counties bordering these counties. The authority of the temporary permit is limited to claims for damages in these counties only.

DFS expects insurers to:

  • Promptly process and investigate insurance claims made by claimants;
  • Allow claimants to provide as reasonable proof items such as: photographs or video recordings (without the need for a physical inspection); material samples, if applicable; inventories; and receipts for any repairs to or replacement of property; and
  • Allow claimants to make immediate repairs to damaged property if necessary, to protect health or safety.

Claims adjusters should recognize that affected New York claimants may be limited in their ability to document claims due to the ongoing burdens of the COVID-19 pandemic, and assist all claimants with helpful information regarding emergency aid, tips for damage prevention, and resources for remediating damage.

Insurers are reminded, in light of the recent increase in extreme weather and climate events, to maintain adequate New York-licensed independent adjuster staff to respond to these events.

In addition, insurers should be mindful of New York State COVID-related travel restrictions when applying for temporary adjuster permits. A permit will not be issued to any applicant traveling from a state with significant community spread. For the most current information on restricted states, please go to New York State Department of Health website. A permit will be issued, however, for an applicant in a restricted state if that applicant wishes to work remotely. The insurer must submit an application and attest that such applicant will work remotely only and will not travel to New York State or provide any adjusting services in-state.

For additional information and to submit an application for a Temporary Adjuster permit go to: Temporary Adjuster permit

To view the Governor’s statement, please go to: https://www.dfs.ny.gov/reports_and_publications/press_releases/pr202008101

Consent to Engage in Business

The Omnibus Crime Bill disqualifies anyone convicted of a criminal felony involving dishonesty or a breach of trust or anyone who has been convicted of an offense under this section from employment in the insurance industry. This ban may be removed if approval is given by the Superintendent for the individual to remain or become employed in the insurance industry. This request can be made by completing the Application for Written Consent to Engage in the Business of Insurance.

    Managing General Agents (MGA)

    Every insurer must file appropriate forms within 30 days of appointing or terminating a person or entity as an MGA. MGA forms can be found on the Managing General Agent page.

    Workers' Compensation

    Company Complaint Response System (CCRS)

    The Company Complaint Response System can be found on the DFS Secure Portal. To access the CCRS for the first time, your company must first designate a Trusted Source(s) via the DFS Portal. The Trusted Source then authorizes other staff to use CCRS. 

    To get started visit the DFS Portal:

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