2024 Submission Instructions For Family Leave Benefits (PFL) Coverage

  1. Insurers with riders approved for 2023 may continue to use those riders and may update variable dates to reflect the new year. Riders that merely make changes to the variable dates within the rider, need not be submitted for review and approval.
  2. A 2024 rate submission is required. Insurers should send the rate submission to DFS through SERFF no later than October 2, 2023. Refer to the PFL SERFF Checklist. When making the SERFF submission, insurers should use the SUB-TOI for Statutory Family Leave benefits Coverage.
  3. Insurers should review the previously approved application form for PFL to determine whether a new application form or explanation of variability is necessary.
  4. Insurers seeking to issue a new standalone PFL policy for 2024 should refer to the Model Rider and submit the form and rate submission to DFS through SERFF.