Fingerprinting for DFS

Fingerprinting Instructions


Fingerprinting for DFS

Notice of Prints Without Application

Note: If DFS does not receive your application (or an application from an entity with whom you are affiliated) within 10 days of the receipt of scanned fingerprints, those scans or cards will be discarded, and you will have to start the fingerprint process over - this includes paying a fee again.

Call (800) 342-3736, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (local calls can be made to (212) 480-6400 or (518) 474-6600).

IdentoGO Live Scan Fingerprinting

DFS uses IdentoGO Centers for live scan fingerprinting services.

New York Authorized IdentoGO Locations

Only New York State-authorized IdentoGO Centers may be used. Not all IdentoGO sites are authorized for use. 

To search for a New York-Authorized IdentoGo location:

  • Enter the correct service code for the license you are seeking to obtain (see below) and hit 'Go'.
  • At the top of the screen you will see the service code you entered and the name of the associated license. Make sure it is correct!
  • Select 'Locate an Enrollment Center'. You can search for a New York-Authorized Enrollment Center by using your current location, or by postal code, city and state, or airport code. 

Use the IdentoGO website to locate a New York State-authorized IdentoGO enrollment center

    Service Code

    When making your appointment, you will need your Service Code. Find and confirm the correct Service Code for your license/application type below.

    You are responsible for ensuring that you are fingerprinted under the correct service code. If you enroll under the wrong service code your prints can not be used and you will have to start the fingerprint process over - this includes paying a fee again. If you are uncertain of your correct Service Code, contact DFS at (800) 342-3736.

    Industry ORI Number Service Code License Type
    Banking NY921970Z 154376 Bank and Trust Companies
    Banking NY921970Z 1543KX Savings Banks
    Banking NY921970Z 1543JF Savings and Loans
    Banking NY921970Z 15438Q Credit Unions
    Banking NY921970Z 1543HZ Safe Deposit Companies
    Banking NY921970Z 1543F2 Mutual Holding Companies
    Banking NY921970Z 154394 Investment Companies
    Banking NY921970Z 1543GH Mutual Trust Investment Companies
    Banking NY921970Z 1543BK Limited Purpose Trust Companies
    Insurance NY921270Z 1544H9 Employee Applicant
    Insurance NY921270Z 1544JT Life Settlement Brokers
    Insurance NY921270Z 1544K7 Life Settlement Intermediaries
    Insurance NY921270Z 1544NR Life Settlement Providers
    Insurance NY921270Z 1544Q5 Principal, Executive, Director of Insurance Companies
    Insurance NY921270Z 1544RN Professional Bondsmen/Charitable Bail Organizations
    Insurance NY921270Z 1544S3 Public/Independent Adjusters
    LFS NY921822Z 1543N9 Budget Planner
    LFS NY921822Z 1543QT Commercial Check Casher
    LFS NY921822Z 1543R7 Licensed Lender
    LFS NY921822Z 1543SR Money Transmitter
    LFS NY921822Z 1543T5 Premium Finance Agency
    LFS NY921822Z 1543VN Retail Check Casher
    LFS NY921822Z 1543X3 Sales Finance Company
    Mortgage NY921860Z 15434V  Mortgage Broker
    Mortgage NY921860Z 15436S Mortgage Loan Servicer
    Mortgage NY921860Z 154358  Mortgage Loan Originator
    Mortgage NY921860Z 15433B Mortgage Banker

    Appointment Scheduling

    Appointment scheduling via the IdentoGO website is available 24/7/365. Appointment scheduling via phone is available from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

    • To schedule an appointment for fingerprinting, note your Service Code (above) and go to the IdentoGO website or call IdentoGO at (877) 472-6915.


    To avoid rejection, please make sure your personal information is consistent across all ID documents.


    You will pay a fingerprinting fee at the IdentoGO Center at the time of your appointment. If fingerprinting is done at a New York authorized IdentoGO Center located outside of New York State, an additional and separate fee will be charged.

    If you enroll under the wrong service code your prints cannot be used and you will need to enroll again and incur additional costs.


    At the IdentoGO Center, your ID documents will be reviewed, fingerprints will be taken, and your photo will be taken.

    You will be given two receipts indicating your name, fingerprinting location, date and time, fee paid and reason for fingerprinting. You must submit/attach one receipt to DFS with your application, submission or biographical affidavit as proof of fingerprinting. Retain the other copy for your records.


    FBI Noncriminal Justice Applicant’s Privacy Rights

    FBI Privacy Act Statement (from FD-258 Fingerprint Card)

    You may obtain a copy of your FBI criminal history record by submitting fingerprints and a fee to the FBI. Information regarding this process may be obtained at the FBI Website. You may obtain a copy of your New York state criminal history via the Division of Criminal Justice Services website.

    If you believe the results of your background check are not complete or are incorrect, contact the FBI or DCJS.


    If the image quality of your scanned prints is poor, IdentoGO or DFS will contact you and you must schedule an appointment for re-scanning. There is no cost for re-scanning within one year from the date of your original submission.

    Submitting Hard-Copy Fingerprint Cards

    For those who cannot access a New York-authorized IdentoGO Center, two hard-copy rolled fingerprint cards (FBI FD-258) must be taken and mailed to DFS. This method may be costlier, may delay the processing of your application, and should only be used when absolutely necessary.


    Applicants who wish to use fingerprint cards must complete a pre-enrollment and pre-payment process via the IdentoGO website. You will need to provide the correct Service Code for the license you are seeking to obtain (see table above).

    Once you enter your specific Service Code, you will be directed to a screen that displays the Service Code followed by the name of the license type you have selected. Please review this information carefully to make sure that you are being fingerprinted for the correct license! Once you have confirmed the Service Code and license type are correct, select Submit Fingerprint Cards by Mail, provide the required information and follow the prompts to pay the fingerprinting fee.

    Print and sign the completed pre-enrollment confirmation page, which includes a barcode printed on the top right of the page.  Mail the signed pre-enrollment confirmation page and the completed fingerprint cards to this Department with the application packet and licensing fee.

    Applications received without the pre-enrollment confirmation page will be rejected.

    Obtaining Fingerprint Cards

    Fingerprints may only be taken by a law enforcement or government agency. Only FBI Form FD-258 fingerprint cards may be used - any other type of fingerprint card or form will not be accepted by DFS.

    Mortgage Loan Originators may not use any cards other than cards ordered directly from DFS and pre-printed with the Mortgage ORI NY921860Z.

    Requesting Pre-Printed Cards from DFS

    To order FD-258 fingerprint cards pre-printed with the ORI for your license type from the Department of Financial Services, email your request to [email protected]. Your email must include:

    • The specific Service Code for your application type (see above table)
    • The reason for requesting the cards (application type)
    • The number of cards requested (two cards per person are required)
    • The name and address of the person to whom the cards should be mailed
    • A telephone number to call if we need to contact you

    When you receive your cards, make sure that the ORI number printed on the card is correct for the type of application/Industry:

    • NY921970Z - Depository Institutions
    • NY921270Z - Insurance Industry
    • NY921822Z - Licensed Financial Services
    • NY921860Z - Mortgage Industry

    Using Blank FD-258 Cards

    If you use blank FD-258 fingerprint cards, you must fill them out correctly according to the Fingerprint Card Instructions.

    Make sure to enter the correct ORI for your industry type in Field #1: 

    • NY921970Z - Depository Institutions
    • NY921270Z - Insurance Industry
    • NY921822Z - Licensed Financial Services
    • NY921860Z - Mortgage Industry

    Mortgage Loan Originators may not use any cards other than pre-printed cards ordered directly from DFS.

    NAIC and NMLS Licensees

    • If the ORI in Field #1 is NY921270Z - Insurance Industry, you must enter your NAIC # in field 20.
    • If the ORI in Field #1 is NY921860Z - Mortgage Industry, you must enter your NMLS ID # in in field 20.

    Mailing Completed Cards Back to DFS

    Once your prints are taken, the following must then be submitted directly to the Department of Financial Services:

    Completed cards along with the above items should be mailed to DFS with your application, submission, affidavit, etc. You should mail everything to the address associated with your license type.

    Please see the information and mailing address specific to your industry as follows: