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DFS Press Releases: 2011

Release DateSubject
12/30/2011 Superintendent Lawsky Submits Report on Creation of the Department of Financial Services
12/19/2011 Superintendent Lawsky Announces Elmira Savings Converts To State Charter
12/16/2011 Superintendent Lawsky Protects Homeowners In Foreclosure From Delays Caused By Abusive Law Firm’s Closing
12/13/2011 Statement of Financial Services Superintendent Benjamin M. Lawsky on the Morgan Stanley -- MBIA Settlement
12/09/2011 Superintendent Lawsky Reports On Latest Results Of Drive To Save Businesses Money By Fighting Workers’ Compensation Fraud
12/08/2011 Superintendent Lawsky: FEMA Agrees That State Regulators Are Empowered To Help Flood Victims
12/05/2011 Cuomo Administration Announces that Life Insurance Investigation Results in $52 Million for Beneficiaries; More Expected
11/21/2011Superintendent Lawsky: Deregulation Of Insurance Sales To Large, Savvy Businesses Now In Place
11/17/2011Superintendent Lawsky Announces Otsego County Chamber President Arrested For Fraud
11/15/2011Governor Cuomo Announces Health Insurer Rate Filings now Available to Public
11/10/2011Superintendent Lawsky Announces Agreements With Morgan Stanley, Saxon, AHMSI & Vericrest On Groundbreaking New Mortgage Practices
11/09/2011Gov. Cuomo Announces Refund of $114.5 Million in Health Insurance Overcharges to Consumers and Businesses
10/27/2011Lawsky Announces Five More Health Insurers Agree to End Secrecy over Rate Increases
10/25/2011Superintendent Lawsky Announces Largest Health Insurer Agrees to End Secrecy Over Rate Increases
10/03/2011Superintendent Lawsky Announces Launch of New Department of Financial Services
09/30/2011Event to mark launch of Department of Financial Services
09/13/2011Governor Cuomo: Immediate Steps New Yorkers Should Take Regarding Hurricane Property Losses and Insurance Claims
09/02/2011Superintendent Lawsky: Insurers Will Be Held Accountable If They Are Misleading Homeowners About Coverage
09/02/2011New York Liquidation Bureau Files Liquidation Plan for Executive Life Insurance Company of New York
09/01/2011 Superintendent Lawsky Announces Agreement With Goldman Sachs, Ocwen, Litton On Groundbreaking New Mortgage Practice

Consumer Alert: Watch Out For Home Repair & Other Scams In Wake Of Hurricane Irene


Governor Cuomo: Immediate Steps New Yorkers Should Take Regarding Hurricane Property Losses and Insurance Claims


Governor Cuomo Advises New Yorkers to Prepare for Property Damage and Losses as Hurricane Irene Approaches

08/25/2011Task Force Seeks Compensation Data From Not-For-Profit Organizations

Governor Cuomo Announces Unanimous Senate Confirmation Of Benjamin Lawsky As Superintendent Of The Department Of Financial Services


Governor Cuomo Announces Nominations and Appointments to Administration

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