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Examination Reports (Insurance)

The DFS examines domestic insurers and HMOs and has the authority to examine any insurer doing business in the state.

CRA Exam Ratings

The DFS examines banks for CRA performance and assigns each institution a CRA rating based on performance.

Fraud Reports, Arrests & Statistics

The DFS requires that insurers file fraud reports, we also issue statistics on fraud arrests, convictions and IFBs.

The Weekly Banking Bulletin

The Weekly Bulletin is a public notification of receipt by the Department of applications and notices.

Comment Letters

The DFS issues Comment Letters in response to requests for comment relating to rulemaking and regulatory actions.

DFS Annual Reports

Read reports required to be submitted by the DFS to the Governor and Legislature at certain intervals.

Community Banking Report

The Community Banking Report shows that community banks provide most of the loans for New York’s small businesses and farms and are thus essential to job growth and the strength of the state economy. Even though community banks have less than a quarter of all bank assets in New York and are competing against much larger national banks, they generate more than half of all small business loans and almost all the small farm loans in the State.

Community Banking Report - Issued February 7, 2013 (PDF)

Unexpected Out-of-Network Medical Bills Report

The Department of Financial Services is investigating unexpected out-of-network medical costs affecting New Yorkers across the state, many of whom cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket expenses. In addition, DFS released the following report that finds an overwhelming need for increased transparency from insurers and medical service providers, and improved consumer protection measures to ensure that New Yorkers stop receiving unexpected bills. The investigation was sparked by an overwhelming amount of consumer complaints. DFS found that unexpected out-of-network medical bills are one of the most common complaints received by the agency.

Working Group Report

This report, required under Section 205 of the Financial Services Law, summarizes select issues that the DFS working group, formed to examine ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of banking regulation and insurance regulation, found to be the top recommendations provided from the banking, insurance and financial services industries. In addition, this report highlights DFS accomplishments to date, as well as the steps DFS has taken and will take to make regulation more efficient and effective.

Miscellaneous Reports