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Community Reinvestment Act Ratings and Performance Evaluation Public Summaries

Banking institutions subject to New York State CRA are assessed once every 24 to 36 months, except institutions with total assets below $250 million and rated "Satisfactory" or "Outstanding" in their most recent CRA examination performed by the Department generally will be examined once every 48 or 60 months, respectively. The Department prepares a written report summarizing the results of each assessment and assigns to each institution a numerical CRA rating based on a 1 to 4 scoring system, representing a performance assessment as follows:

1 = Outstanding record of meeting community credit needs;
2 = Satisfactory record of meeting community credit needs;
3 = Needs to improve record of meeting community credit needs;
4 = Substantial noncompliance in meeting community credit needs.

The following chart identifies the ratings for banking institutions subject to New York State CRA. To view the public summary of an institution's CRA performance evaluation, simply click on the rating for that institution below. For additional information on recent or upcoming exams see our most recent CRA Examination Schedule.



2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Adirondack Bank   Satisfactory   Satisfactory          
Adirondack Trust Co   Outstanding   Outstanding       Satisfactory  
Alden State Bank Satisfactory       Satisfactory        
Allied Irish Bank                  
Alma Bank         Satisfactory        
Alpine Capital Bank Satisfactory       Satisfactory        
Amalgamated Bank   Outstanding       Satisfactory      
Amerasia Bank   Satisfactory       Outstanding      
American Community Bank   Outstanding       Outstanding      
Apple Bank for Savings   Satisfactory     Outstanding        
Atlantic Bank of NY                  
Atlas S&L Association Satisfactory   Needs to Improve            
Banco Popular N.America Satisfactory   Satisfactory     Satisfactory      
Bank Hapoalim B.M.   Satisfactory     Satisfactory        
Bank Leumi USA   Outstanding     Outstanding        
Bank of Akron     Satisfactory       Satisfactory    
Bank of Baroda   Satisfactory     Satisfactory       Satisfactory
Bank of Castile      Outstanding       Outstanding    
Bank of Cattaraugus    Outstanding       Outstanding      
Bank of Greene County                  
Bank of Holland        Outstanding          
Bank of India    Satisfactory     Needs to Improve        
Bank of Millbrook Satisfactory     Satisfactory          
Bank of Richmondville       Satisfactory          
Bank of Smithtown Satisfactory     Satisfactory          
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Trust Co   Outstanding       Outstanding      
Bank of Utica Satisfactory   Satisfactory     Satisfactory      
Bankers Trust Co                  
Berkshire Bank     Satisfactory     Satisfactory     Satisfactory
BPD International Bank   Outstanding   Outstanding          
BSB Bank & Trust Co                  
Canisteo S&L Association Satisfactory                
Capital Bank & Trust Co Satisfactory     Outstanding          
Cathay Bank                  
Catskill Hudson Bank       Outstanding          
Cattaraugus County Bank     Satisfactory     Satisfactory      
Charter One Commercial Bank                  
Checkspring Bank           Outstanding      
Chemung Canal Trust Co Outstanding   Outstanding Outstanding        
Chinatrust Bank (USA)                  
Chinese American Bank                  
Citibank (NY State)                  
Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent     Satisfactory         Satisfactory  
Community Capital Bank Outstanding                
Community Mutual S/B Satisfactory                
Country Bank Satisfactory     Outstanding     Satisfactory
Deutsche Bank Trust   Outstanding   Outstanding   Outstanding   Outstanding  
Elmira Savings Bank               Satisfactory  
Emigrant Savings Bank Satisfactory                
European American Bank                  
First American International  Bank Satisfactory     Satisfactory          
First Central Savings Bank     Satisfactory            
First Republic Bank                  
First State Bank, Canisteo Satisfactory                
First Tier Bank & Trust Co                  
Five Star Bank   Outstanding   Outstanding     Outstanding    
Fuji Bank & Trust Co                  
Fulton Savings Bank   Outstanding     Outstanding        
Genesee Regional Bank Satisfactory     Satisfactory          
Global Bank       Satisfactory         Outstanding
Gold Coast Bank         Outstanding        
Goldman Sachs Bank USA           Outstanding   Outstanding  
Gotham Bank of NY     Satisfactory            
Great Eastern Bank                  
Greater Buffalo Savings Bank   Satisfactory              
GreenPoint Bank                  
Habib American Bank Satisfactory       Satisfactory     Satisfactory  
Hamptons State Bank Satisfactory   Satisfactory            
Hanover Community Bank         Satisfactory        
Herkimer County Trust Co                  
HSBC Bank USA                  
Hudson River Bank & Trust                  
Hudson United Bank                  
Hudson Valley Bank Satisfactory                
IBJ Whitehall Bank & Trust Co                  
Independence Community Bank                  
Industrial Bank of Korea                  
Interaudi Bank     Satisfactory   Satisfactory        
Interbank of New York                  
Israel Discount Bank of NY   Outstanding     Satisfactory     Outstanding  
Jamestown Savings Bank                  
JP Morgan Chase Bank                  
Korea Exchange Bank                  
Lake Shore S&L Association                  
LBS Bank - New York                  
Liberty Bank of New York                  
Liberty Pointe Bank       Satisfactory          
Long Island Commercial Bank                  
Manufacturers & Traders Outstanding   Outstanding   Outstanding   Outstanding    
Mashreq Bank, PSC                  
Massena S&L Association                  
Medina S&L Association         Outstanding        
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Bkg USA   Outstanding       Outstanding      
Mizuho Corporate Bank(USA) Outstanding   Outstanding   Outstanding        
Mizuho Trust & Banking Co(USA)     Satisfactory     Satisfactory      
Nara Bank Satisfactory                
Newbank       Satisfactory          

New York Commericial Bank

Satisfactory       Satisfactory        
New York Community Bank   Outstanding       Satisfactory      
North Country Savings Bank Satisfactory   Satisfactory   Satisfactory        
North Fork Bank  Outstanding                
Northfield Svg Bank                    
Northwest Savings Bank Satisfactory                
NYNB Bank   Satisfactory              
Oneida Savings Bank     Outstanding     Outstanding        
Orange County Trust Co     Satisfactory   Outstanding   Satisfactory      
Oswego County Savings Bank                  
Park Avenue Bank   Satisfactory              
Pathfinder Bank  Satisfactory     Satisfactory       Satisfactory  
Pioneer Savings Bank     Outstanding     Outstanding        
Putnam County Savings Bank     Satisfactory     Satisfactory      
Queens County Savings Bank                  
Redwood Bank                  
Reliance Bank                    
Rhinebeck Savings Bank       Satisfactory     Satisfactory      
Ridgewood Savings Bank     Satisfactory     Satisfactory       Satisfactory
Riverside Bank   Satisfactory       Outstanding        
Rome Savings Bank                    
Rondout Savings Bank       Satisfactory     Satisfactory      
Roslyn Savings Bank                    
Savoy Bank         Satisfactory        
Sawyer Savings Bank       Satisfactory          
Seneca Falls S/B                  
Shinhan Bank America     Satisfactory       Satisfactory    
Signature Bank  Satisfactory     Satisfactory   Satisfactory      
Sleepy Hollow Bank   Satisfactory              
Solvay Bank    Satisfactory   Outstanding   Satisfactory      
State Bank of Chittenango                  
State Bank of India   Outstanding     Needs to Improve     Satisfactory  
State Bank of L.I. Satisfactory     Satisfactory   Satisfactory      
Steuben Trust Co   Satisfactory     Satisfactory        
Sumitomo Trust & Bkg Co                  
The Bank of New York Mellon Satisfactory Outstanding   Satisfactory     Satisfactory    
The Westchester Bank           Satisfactory      
Tioga State Bank Satisfactory   Satisfactory   Satisfactory   Satisfactory    
Tompkins County Trust Co   Outstanding     Outstanding        
Troy Savings Bank                  
Ulster Savings Bank   Satisfactory     Satisfactory        
Union State Bank                    
United Commerical Bank                  
United International Bank     Satisfactory         Satisfactory  
United Orient Bank Satisfactory       Satisfactory        
USA Bank       Satisfactory          
US Trust Co                  
USNY         Outstanding        
Victory State Bank   Satisfactory       Outstanding      
Walden Savings Bank   Satisfactory                
Warwick Savings Bank                  
Watertown Savings Bank     Satisfactory     Satisfactory      
Woori America Bank (Hanvit)   Satisfactory     Satisfactory        
Wyoming County Bank                  

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