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Proposed Regulations

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Summary of New Supervisory Procedure MB 109

Section 109.1 defines a number of terms that are used in the Supervisory Procedure,

Section 109.2 contains a general description of the process for registering as a mortgage loan servicer (“servicer”) and contains information about where the necessary forms and instructions may be found.

Section 109.3 lists the documents to be included in an application for servicer registration, including the required fees.  It also sets forth the execution and attestation requirements for applications.  The section makes clear that the Superintendent can require additional information or an in person conference, and that the applicant can submit additional pertinent information.

Section 109.4 describes the information and documents required to be submitted as part of an application for registration as a servicer.  This includes various items of information about the applicant and its regulatory history, if any, information demonstrating compliance with the applicable financial responsibility and experience requirements, information about the organizational structure of the applicant, and other documents, such as fingerprint cards and background reports.


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