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Regulations Adopted on an Emergency Basis

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Summary of New Part 419

September 23, 2013

Section 419.1 contains definitions of terms that are used in Part 419 and not otherwise defined in Part 418, including “Servicer”, “Qualified Written Request” and “Loan Modification”.

Section 419.2 establishes a duty of fair dealing for Servicers in connection with their transactions with borrowers, which includes a duty to pursue loss mitigation with the borrower as set forth in Section 419.11.

Section 419.3 requires compliance with other State and Federal laws relating to mortgage loan servicing, including Banking Law Article 12-D, RESPA, and the Truth-in-Lending Act.

Section 419.4 describes the requirements and procedures for handling to consumer complaints and inquiries.

Section 419.5 describes the requirements for a servicer making payments of taxes or insurance premiums for borrowers
Section 419.6 describes requirements for crediting payments from borrowers and handling late payments.

Section 419.7 describes the requirements of an annual account statement which must be provided to borrowers in plain language showing the unpaid principal balance at the end of the preceding 12-month period, the interest paid during that period and the amounts deposited into and disbursed from escrow.  The section also describes the Servicer’s obligations with respect to providing a payment history when requested by the borrower or borrower’s representative.

Section 419.8 requires a late payment notice be sent to a borrower no later than 17 days after the payment remains unpaid. 

Section 419.9 describes the required provision of a payoff statement that contains a clear, understandable and accurate statement of the total amount that is required to pay off the mortgage loan as of a specified date.

Section 419.10 sets forth the requirements relating to fees permitted to be collected by Servicers and also requires Servicers to maintain and update at least semi-annually a schedule of standard or common fees on their website. 

Section 419.11 sets forth the Servicer’s obligations with respect to handling of loan delinquencies and loss mitigation, including an obligation to make reasonable and good faith efforts to pursue appropriate loss mitigation options, including loan modifications.  This Section includes requirements relating to procedures and protocols for handling loss mitigation, providing borrowers with information regarding the Servicer’s loss mitigation process, decision-making and available counseling programs and resources.

Section 419.12 describes the quarterly reports that the Superintendent may require Servicers to submit to the Superintendent, including information relating to the aggregate number of mortgages serviced by the Servicer, the number of mortgages in default, information relating to loss mitigation activities, and information relating to mortgage modifications.

Section 419.13 describes the books and records that Servicers are required to maintain as well as other reports the Superintendent may require Servicers to file in order to determine whether the Servicer is complying with applicable laws and regulations.  These include books and records regarding loan payments received, communications with borrowers, financial reports and audited financial statements.

Section 419.14 sets forth the activities prohibited by the regulation, including engaging in misrepresentations or material omissions and placing insurance on a mortgage property without written notice when the Servicer has reason to know the homeowner has an effective policy in place.


Part 419 of the Superintendent's Regulations
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