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Summary of  Part 418

February 28, 2014

Section 418.1 summarizes the scope and application of Part 418.  It notes that Sections 418.2 to 418.11 implement the requirement in Article 12-D of the Banking Law that certain mortgage loan servicers (“servicers”) be registered with the Superintendent of Financial Services (formerly the Superintendent of Banks), while Sections 418.12  and 418. 13 set forth financial responsibility requirements that are applicable to both registered and exempt servicers.  {Section 418.14 sets forth the transitional rules.]

Section 418.2 implements the provisions in Section 590(2)(b-1) of the Banking Law requiring registration of servicers and exempting mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, and most banking and insurance companies, as well as their employees.  Servicing loans made pursuant to the Power New York Act of 2011 is excluded. The Superintendent is authorized to approve other exemptions.

Section 418.3 contains a number of definitions of terms that are used in Part 418, including “Mortgage Loan”, “Mortgage Loan Servicer”, “Third Party Servicer” and “Exempted Person”.

Section 418.4 describes the requirements for applying for registration as a servicer.

Section 418.5 describes the requirements for a servicer applying to open a branch office.

Section 418.6 covers the fees for application for registration as a servicer, including processing fees for applications and fingerprint processing fees.

Section 418.7 sets forth the findings that the Superintendent must make to register a servicer and the procedures to be followed upon approval of an application for registration.  It also sets forth the grounds upon which the Superintendent may refuse to register an applicant and the procedure for giving notice of a denial.

Section 418.8 defines what constitutes a “change of control” of a servicer, sets forth the requirements for prior approval of a change of control, the application procedure for such approval and the standards for approval.  The section also requires servicers to notify the Superintendent of changes in their directors or executive officers.

Section 418.9 sets forth the grounds for revocation of a servicer registration and authorizes the Superintendent, for good cause or where there is substantial risk of public harm, to suspend a registration for 30 days without a hearing.  The section also provides for suspension of a servicer registration without notice or hearing upon non-payment of the required assessment.  The Superintendent can also suspend a registration when a servicer fails to file a required report, when its surety bond is cancelled, or when it is the subject of a bankruptcy filing.  If the registrant cures the deficiencies its registration can be reinstated.  The section further provides that in all other cases, suspension or revocation of a registration requires notice and a hearing. 

The section also covers the right of a registrant to surrender its registration, as well as the effect of revocation, termination, suspension or surrender of a registration on the obligations of the registrant.  It provides that registrations will remain in effect until surrendered, revoked, terminated or suspended.

Section 418.10 describes the power of the Superintendent to impose fines and penalties on registered servicers.

Section 418.11 sets forth the requirement that applicants demonstrate five years of servicing experience as well as suitable character and fitness.

Section 418.12 covers the financial responsibility and other requirements that apply to applicants for servicer registration, registered servicers and exempted persons (other than insured depository institutions to which Section 418.13 applies.  The financial responsibility requirements include a required net worth (as defined in the section) of at least $250,000 plus ¼ % of total loans serviced or, for a Third Party Servicer, ¼ of 1% of New York loans serviced; (2) a corporate surety bond of at least $250,000 and (3) a Fidelity and  E&O bond in an amount that is based on the volume of New York mortgage loans serviced, with a minimum of $300,000.

The Superintendent is empowered to waive, reduce or modify the financial responsibility requirements for certain servicers who service an aggregate amount of loans not exceeding $4,000,000.

Section 418.13 exempts from the otherwise applicable net worth and surety bond requirements, but not the Fidelity and E&O bond requirements, entities that are subject to the capital requirements applicable to insured depositary institutions and that are considered at least adequately capitalized.

Section 418.14 provides a transitional period for registration of mortgage loan servicers.  A servicer doing business in this state on June 30, 2009 which files an application for MLS registration by July 31, 2009 will be deemed in compliance with the registration requirement until notified that its application has been denied.  A person who is required to register as a servicer solely because of the changes in the provisions of the rule regarding use of third party servicers which became effective on August 23, 2011 and who files an application for registration within 30 days thereafter will not be required to register until six months from the effective date of the amendment or until the application is denied, whichever is earlier.


Part 418 of the Superintendent's Regulations
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