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FOIL Requests

Records Access Process: Requesting Information Under Freedom of Information Law

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The Committee on Open Government is responsible for overseeing and advising the public about the Freedom of Information Law (“FOIL”), codified as New York Public Officers Law, Article 6.  More information may be obtained about FOIL from the Committee on Open Government’s Web site at:

FOIL requires that requests for access to records, including visits to the Department to view same, be made in writing. You may make your request electronically on-line, by mail, or by fax and direct it to the Records Access Officer in either the New York City or Albany office. If you are unsure as to which office to send your request, you should send it to the New York City office.

After you submit your records request, a Department representative will acknowledge its receipt and such representative will be your contact person for all matters concerning your request. The Department representative will provide you with a FOIL request number. Please refer to this number in any future inquiries regarding your request.

How to Request Records Electronically by Department FOIL eForm

Complete the on-line Department FOIL eForm and submit it electronically to the Department. You will receive an automatic transmission confirmation receipt. Please note that electronic submission requests made will not be received by the Department until the next business day.

When records are available under FOIL, they may be available in different formats, depending on the type of records requested.  You may indicate in the Department FOIL eForm the way you wish the records to be sent and the Department will provide them in that manner provided that such records are available in the requested format.  If the requested records are not available in the format that you requested, the Department will advise you of the available alternative(s) and any applicable reproduction fees.  Additionally, please note that if the records are available in electronic form but are so voluminous that they cannot be e-mailed, you will be advised of the cost of copying all records onto a CD or floppy disk.

Current formats and fees:

Electronic Form (“E-MAIL”) (if available by electronic transmission) No fee
Hard Copy [Postal Service] $.25/pg [size up to 9”x 14”]; $.70/pg [ size over 9”x14”]
FAX Transmission 8.5”X14” Maximum: $4.00 [first pg];$2.50 [add’l pgs]
CD or Diskette $1.00 each
Zip Disk $10.00 each, where available
Microfiche Reproduction $1.50 per page

The Department representative will contact and advise you of the exact reproduction cost. Advance payment of such cost is required prior to the release of any records and may be made by either check or money order payable to “Superintendent ”. No cash will be accepted. Please do not make payment until you have been advised of the exact cost or payment will be returned to you. Your check or money order should contain the FOIL request number and be sent to the Department representative who advised you of the cost.

NOTE: For NAIC Annual Statement PDF files, please visit ==> NAIC (external link opens in a new window)

How to Request records

You may complete the Department FOIL eForm directly on-line and print out a hard copy or print out the Department FOIL eForm and complete it manually. If extra space is needed to describe your request, please state your request on separate sheet(s) of paper and attach it to the completed form. You may send your request to the Department by regular mail or by fax. If you do not use the eForm and make your request by letter, you should include all the information requested in the eForm.

Mail or fax your request to the attention of the Records Access Officer in New York City or Albany. If you are unsure as to which office to send your request, you should send it to the New York City office.

New York City Office:

Records Access Officer
NYS Department of Financial Services, Insurance
One State Street, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Fax number 212-709-1655

Albany Office:

Records Access Officer
NYS Department of Financial Services, Insurance
One Commerce Plaza, Suite 1706
Albany, NY 12257
Fax number 518-474-5473  (Note: This number is designated for the submission of FOIL requests only)

Appointments to Inspect Records

At the time you make your FOIL request, you may ask to inspect available records in person.  Department records are maintained in either the New York City or Albany office.  Inspection of records may only take place in the office in which the available records are maintained.  After the Department receives your FOIL request, you will be contacted in order to make an appointment to inspect records in person.  Department business hours to inspect records are Monday through Friday, between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm.  The appointed date and time to inspect records will be based on the nature and volume of the records requested.  Arrangements for copying available records may be made after your viewing, subject to any applicable reproduction fees.

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