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Holding Company (Article 15) Filings

The Department of Financial Services’ Holding Company portal application is available for use effective immediately for all transactions and submissions related to Article 15 holding companies and affiliated matters. In addition to registration statements and amendments, which must be submitted through the portal, the following additional holding company transactions may be submitted through the portal:

Access the Portal

You must have an account to make submissions via the portal. 

Additional Requirements & Restrictions

DFS requires that certain documents with original signatures be submitted in hard copy. After receipt of the electronic submission, the company will be contacted by an examiner with a list of documents that must be submitted in hard copy with original signatures.

All executed surplus notes must be submitted to the Department in hard copy with original signatures.

The Department reserves the right to request hard copy filings of any of the above noted electronic submissions.

Financial Guaranty and Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Companies

Financial guaranty insurance companies and mortgage guaranty insurance companies are not permitted to submit electronic filings through the holding company portal at this time.

Managed Care Organizations

Managed Care Organizations that utilize the new holding company portal application to submit filings to DFS are still required to make all required filings with the New York State Department of Health.

Special Commitment Template (Word)

In every instance of "[NAME OF DOMESTIC COMPANY] or [NAME OF HOLDING COMPANY]," the word "or" and all relevant companies' names must be included so that the commitment applies to both the holding company and all domestic insurers that are the subject of the application. Also, some of the provisions of the Special Commitment may be modified to reflect the particular business activities of individual applicants, but any such modifications first must be reviewed and approved by the Bureau that is handling the application as well as OGC.

Principal Contacts for Holding Company Filings:

BureauName of RepresentativeE-mail addressPhone Number
PropertyJames Davis 480-5124
Health Christine Gralton (212) 480-5061
Life George Brady (212) 480-5037

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Updated 02/11/2014