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Instructions: Health Insurance Claims Payable (Reported and Unreported),
New York State Business, 2013 Quarterly Exhibits

Accident and Health Companies (Article 42 Companies)

  1. When you download from the website, it is strongly recommended that you immediately back up the A&HQ.xls file to your hard drive before inputting any data.
  2. Please do not rename the A&HQ.xls file. When it is sent back to the Department, it should have the same name, A&HQ.xls
  3. Within the Excel Workbook, the pages are designated "A&HQ(1)", "A&HQ(2)","A&HQ(3)",and "Overflow".  As you begin each one, please enter the Company name, date ( this should be the last day of the quarter being reported, i.e., 3/31/13, 6/30/13, 9/30/13), and NAIC number in the space at the top of the page.
  4. Text and other areas of the Schedule where no data are to be entered are protected, and will not accept data. Please do not remove that protection; it’s there as an aid to prevent mistakes.
  5. Other than entering data in the appropriate locations, Do NOT change the position or content of any cells on the schedule .
  6. On page three, please fill in the name of the person in your organization who should be contacted about this schedule if need arises.
  7. When the schedule is completed, save it for your records; please attach the file A&HQ.xls to e-mail with the "Subject" on the e-mail cover sheet listed as "A&HQ.xls". Send it to . THANK YOU.
For Health Insurance Claims Payable (NY) Quarterly Report: A&H Companies work sheet:

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