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Reports on Examination Filed

Introduction and Index


The New York State Department of Financial Services is required by law to conduct examinations into the affairs of domestic insurers and HMOs. In addition, we also have the authority to conduct an examination into the affairs of any insurance corporation, or other insurer doing or authorized to do any insurance business in this state.

There are generally two types of examinations: financial and market conduct.

Examinations that cover both financial and market conduct are referred to as "combined." Should an examination be on a specialized area such as EDP systems or capital markets activities, it will be noted.

Within the index below, there are links to tables listing reports on examination (in PDF FORMAT), which have been completed by the Department’s Health, Life and Property bureaus.

Examination Reports Index

** Note: To determine when examination reports were posted to this Web site, see the "Report Key", located below the NOTES section on the Health Companies, Life Companies, and Property Companies report pages. **

The links below lead to sections on each report page.

Updated 07/10/2017


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