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Recent Developments

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Information for Insurers:

  • Holding Company and Parent Corporation Filings
  • Enterprise Risk Reporting

Holding ... Filings

Enterprise ... Reporting

Proposed Insurance Regulations: Consolidated Proposal for the Fifth Amendment to Regulation 147 (11 NYCRR Part 98), Valuation Of Life Insurance Reserves, and the Third Amendment to Regulation 179 (11 NYCRR Part 100) Recognition Of The 2001 CSO Mortality Table For Use In Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities And Nonforfeiture Benefits And Recognition And Application Of Preferred Mortality Tables For Use In Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities

04/17/2014 Proposed Regulations

Emergency Insurance Regulations: Emergency Adoption of Regulation 201 (11 NYCRR 440) Provider Requirements For Insurance Reimbursement Of Applied Behavior Analysis


Emergency Regulations

Disaster Preparedness and Response Insurance Circular Letters for 2014:

  • No. 1 (2014): Property
  • No. 2 (2014): Life
  • No. 3 (2014): Health

Insurance Circular Letters

Disaster Preparedness and Response - Circular Letter Documents

Medicare Supplement Insurance Premium Rates for April 2014

04/01/2014 Medicare Supplement Insurance

Emergency Banking Regulations: 1) Emergency Adoption of Part 419 of the Superintendent's Regulations (Servicing Mortgage Loans: Business Conduct Regulations); 2) Emergency Adoption of Part 117 for the Superintendent's Regulations (Lending Limits: Inclusion of Credit Exposure Arising from Derivative Transactions); 3) Emergency Adoption of Part 42 of the General Regulations of the Superintendent (Subprime Home Loans - Thresholds)

03/27/2014 Emergency Regulations

Proposed Banking Regulations: Revised Proposal for Public Comment of New Part 83 of the General Regulations of the Superintendent (Shared Appreciation Mortgage Modifications)

03/19/2014 Proposed Regulations

Final Adoptions of Banking Regulation: Adoption of New Part 43 of the General Regulations of the Superintendent (Subprime Home Loans - Meaning of Terms)


Final Adoptions

Consultant Applications Being Accepted



Careers with DFS - Vacancy Announcements:

  • Inspector (ATM)
03/11/2014 Careers with DFS

Health Insurance Premiums:

  1. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company: one Requested Rate Application filing
03/07/2014 Rate Applications by Company (Portal)

Final Adoptions of Insurance Regulations: Final Adoption of Regulation 200 (11 NYCRR 226) Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits and Policy Identification


Final Adoptions

Filed Examination Reports (2 Property Reports; 4 Life Reports)



Health Reports

Life Reports

Property Reports

2013 Legislative Summaries 02/20/2014 Legislative Summaries

Public Hearing - Title Insurance - Transcripts

02/20/2014 Public Hearing - Title Insurance
Iran Investment Reporting 02/06/2014 Information for Insurers
2013 Money Transmitter Annual Report Form 01/24/2014 2013 Money Transmitter Annual Report
NYDFS Outlines Additional Details on Witnesses and Panels for Virtual Currency Hearing on January 28 and 29 in New York City 01/23/2014 Virtual Currency Hearing
Lost License Affidavit 01/17/2014 Lost License

Superintendent Lawsky Issues Notice Of Intent To Hold Public Hearing Regarding Virtual Currencies On January 28 And 29 In New York City

01/10/2014 Notice of Intent - Public Hearing (PDF)

General Assessment Charges for 2013-2014 Quarter 4

01/10/2014 Fourth Quarter

Department of Financial Services Regulatory Agenda and Five Year Review - January 2014

01/08/2014 Regulatory Agenda

2013 Annual Statements & New York Supplements Filing Checklists, Instructions & Blanks

12/19/2013 Annual Statement & NY Supplement

Department of Financial Services To Hold Public Hearing On Title Insurance

12/06/2013 Title Insurance

Procurement Opportunities: Preparation of a Study of Funding Prearranged Funeral Services and Goods - C000401

12/05/2013 Current Procurement Opportunities

2013 Year end Reserve and Solvency - Industry Letters, Surveys and Valuations file updates for both Domestic and Foreign Insurers

12/04/2013 Life Insurers - Reservces and Solvency

2013 Budget Planner Annual Report Form

12/02/2013 2013 Budget Planner Annual Report

2013 Premium Finance Agency Annual Report Form

12/02/2013 2013 Premium Finance Agency Annual Report

Data Call: Supplemental Data Call for "Street Hail Livery - NYC (Green Cabs)"


Property Bureau Data Calls

Recent Amendments to New York General Business Law Affecting Consumer Credit Card Information and Related Notices on Statements

11/25/2013 Industry Letters

Providers de-authorized from billing New York’s no-fault auto insurance system

11/21/2013 No-Fault Links

Procurement Opportunities: Contract Awards – Single/Sole Source Contracts - new listings

11/19/2013 Procurement Contract Awards

Mortgage Master, Inc.

11/13/2013 Settlement Agreement

Child Health Plus Rate Filings Instructions: Simplified rate submission process to adjust current rate for ACA Health Insurer Assessment

11/12/2013 Health Insurers NYS Filings Information

Life Insurers - Alert: November 6, 2013: General American Life Insurance Company – New Application for Certified Reinsurer Status

11/06/2013 Alerts

Life Insurers - Alert: November 1, 2013: United Healthcare Insurance Company – New Application for Certified Reinsurer Status

11/01/2013 Alerts

Life & Fraternals - Special Considerations relating to December 31, 2013 Reserves & Other Solvency Issues

11/01/2013 Life Reserves - Special Considerations